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SKU: RoyalFlushPuzzle Royal Flush Puzzle - Maple

Royal Flush Puzzle - Maple
Purchase Royal Flush Puzzle - Maple
  • SKU: RoyalFlushPuzzle Royal Flush Puzzle - Maple

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Can you make a Royal Flush on every row, every column, and the 2 major diagonals? A unique design from Phil Janelle of Creative Crafthouse. There are 9 precision cut pieces made of 1/4" thick alder wood. The pieces are deeply laser engraved with the card designations. Inserting them properly to make the Royal Flush is no easy task! I would rate it a hard level 3 or low level 4 with a good solution time of 30 - 45 minutes.There is no paint or ink used in making this puzzle. The frame is solidly made heavy duty floorboard material. Note, a Royal Flush hand has 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace of the same suit. 

Level of Difficulty: Level 3