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SKU: PuzzleMastersGiftSet 3 Puzzle Gift Set - Master's Edition

3 Puzzle Gift Set - Master's Edition
Purchase 3 Puzzle Gift Set - Master's Edition
  • SKU: PuzzleMastersGiftSet 3 Puzzle Gift Set - Master's Edition

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The most difficult of our 3 puzzle gift sets, The Master's edition. This collection of brain teasers features: The Snake Puzzle, Shipper's Dilemma, and Hercules Cube. The Shipper's Dilemma and Hercules Cube inparticular are very challenging level 5 puzzles. This gift set is ideal for those interested in difficult puzzles. The three brainteasers come in an attractive hardwood box for safe storage.

We can also personalize the wood box with a name or message to make the gift extra special.

Learn more about the puzzles included in this gift set.

The Snake Puzzle:

The cube unravels, staying in 1 piece like a snake. Can you get it back to the cube? A Great puzzle that stays in one piece so there are no pieces to lose. Good initial solution time is about 1 hour, but with practice this can be done very fast (under 10 secs) and made to look deceptively easy - thus has a high "showoff" factor:) This premium model features smooth beveled edges.

Measures: 3" x 3" x 3"

Shipper's Dilemma

There are 17 pieces with 3 different shapes. Your assignment is to pack them into a perfect cube that will fit within the base and cover of the box. Only master packers will be able to solve this one. Originally called Conway's Packing Box, it was developed by a Cambridge University Mathematician who said it is nearly impossible to do based on randomly trying to fit the pieces. The solution requires high analytical skills. Mathematicians and engineers love it. I have a brilliant step by step presentation of the analytical process required to solve this puzzle prepared by Mike Czerwinski I promise you will love this, it makes the puzzle come alive.

Measures: 2.75" x 2.75" x 2.75"

Hercules Cube

The Hercules Cube puzzle is nicely made and a very tough level 5 degree of difficulty, with 33 pieces total. The large size has been popular for years.

Measures: 3.25" x 3.25 x 3.25"

Level of Difficulty: Level 5