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SKU: ShippersDilGiftSet Shippers Dilemma Gift Set

Shippers Dilemma Gift Set
Purchase Shippers Dilemma Gift Set
  • SKU: ShippersDilGiftSet Shippers Dilemma Gift Set

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This is an incredible set of puzzles: Shippers Dilemma , Shippers Dilemma Y and Shippers Dilemma Z. There are 3 tough and interestng puzzles. Each puzzle is available separately and you can see the details along with a video on those specific listings.

Shipper's Dilemma is one of the most analytical of puzzles. Time spent thinking will pay off. The solution is brilliant.

Shipper's dilemmas Y and Z are both perseverence puzzles. 25 identical pieces will make the cube, but good luck finding it. Z is more difficult. There are also other rectangular shapes that can be made using fewer that all 25 pieces.

All 3 fit perfectly in the wood box with full length cover. Note new style of box has a sliding lid.

The entire package is both beautiful and substantial, with a shipping weight over 5 lbs

This is for advanced puzzlers who deserve something special.

Level of Difficulty: Level 5