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SKU: PostOfficePuzzleUSPS Post Office Puzzle USPS

Post Office Puzzle USPS
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  • SKU: PostOfficePuzzleUSPS Post Office Puzzle USPS

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Celebrating the work and daily accomplishments of the good folks at the Post Office. We appreciate your efforts! The challenges to return the pieces to the frame will not be as difficult as delivering millions of mail items daily, but it may be close...

Looks for items and scenes you might find in the Postal world.

All pieces are our original designs and are laser cut from hardwoods 1/4" thick. There will be at least 5 woods in each puzzle that may include maple, walnut, mahogany, cherry, elm, eucalyptus, oak, ash or hickory.

Frame and ash cover are about 7.5" square.

Copyright 2019 CreativeCrafthouse

Original artwork by Anjali Rani

Level of Difficulty: Level 4