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SKU: BeerBash Beer Bash - The Beer Lovers Puzzle

Beer Bash - The Beer Lovers Puzzle
Purchase Beer Bash - The Beer Lovers Puzzle
  • SKU: BeerBash Beer Bash - The Beer Lovers Puzzle

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12 precision cut laser engraved hardwood pieces must be inserted into the frame. Quite challenging, best to attempt this sober!

At least 4 different woods, 1/4" thick, are used. Measures about 7" square in the fame and cover. Items in the puzzle include Keg, 6-pack, 2 bottlecaps, bar stool, Beer Truck, Beer Can, Beer Mug, Beer Opener, Man drinking beer, and Hops and Barley

Normally comes packaged solved as shown in the picture. If you want us to send it in an unsolved condition let us know with your order.

This puzzle can be customized with text on the cover for a small added fee. Could also customize pieces within the puzzle with a company logo or brand of beer. Contact me if you want something like that.

A Creative Crafthouse custom copyrighted design made in our Florida shop with artwork by Alexandra Plummer

Level of Difficulty: Level 4