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SKU: MagnetMaze Magnet Maze puzzle for Escape Rooms

Magnet Maze puzzle for Escape Rooms
Purchase Magnet Maze puzzle for Escape Rooms
  • SKU: MagnetMaze Magnet Maze puzzle for Escape Rooms

  • $249.00

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  • Extra Coded Magnet + $9.50:  


A circular disk piece with a secret code or message lasered on the bottom must be maneuvered from far corner of the maze to the exit point on the other corner.

Polarity of the magnets (referenced by the green or red felt) must be taken into account to grab and move the disk as well as to move the obstructions along the way.

This is a relatively large and sturdy puzzle measuring about 2 ft x 1 ft. Clear acrylic is permanently mounted over the playing surface. All magnets are felt lined to minimize scratching as well as provide a smooth movement.

Comes with 2 playing pieces with embedded magnets that are used on the outside of the board.

The internal disk we will laser engrave to contain a code or word of your choice. This is included in the price.

Additional disks are available as an option at $10 each or $8 each for 3 or more. You could also use more than 1 disk inside the puzzle.

Please see video for details on the operation of the puzzle. This is a fun and attractive item that can be solved or reset quickly once you figure out how to orient the magnets.

Design by Phil Janelle. Copyright 2016 Creative Crafthouse.

Made in Hudson, FL

Level of Difficulty: Level 2