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SKU: DiskEscapeMaze Disk Escape Maze for Escape Rooms

Disk Escape Maze for Escape Rooms
Purchase Disk Escape Maze for Escape Rooms
  • SKU: DiskEscapeMaze Disk Escape Maze for Escape Rooms

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Manipulate the wooden disks though the maze. When the center hole is reached the disks will drop to a second layer of the maze and then out the side slot.

On the other size of each disk is a custom clue that we will laser engrave to your specification. There could be a number or letter sequence code. It will come standard with 4 disks but you can use less or more. Contact us with your needs. We could even make multiple sets of disks for you if you want to change codes in the future.

The maze itself has a little not-so-obvious secret in that in the second layer after it drops through the slot there is a secondary blind maze. This second maze is quite simple though; just enough to add a little fun.

The reset is fast and easy as we will provide you with a magnetized key to allow quick re-insertion of the disks through the green plugged entry way.

Measures about 10.5" in diameter and about 1" thick.

Made of wood, floorboard, and acrylic.

Design by Phil Janelle, copyright 2016 Creative Crafthouse. Made in Hudson, FL.

Level of Difficulty: Level 2