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SKU: MagLockBox Mag Lock Puzzle Box - select from 10 artwork designs

Mag Lock Puzzle Box - select from 10 artwork designs
Purchase Mag Lock Puzzle Box - select from 10 artwork designs
  • SKU: MagLockBox Mag Lock Puzzle Box - select from 10 artwork designs

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A beautiful and unique box designed and built in our Florida shop. You are given the box and 4 wood disk pieces that have an imbedded magnet. If these pieces are placed on the correct locations on the box, the drawer will open. There are 495 possible ways the 4 disks can be positioned. Only the correct position will open the box.

The outer dimensions of the box are 9" x 6.5" x 2.75". Inner dimensions, ie, the space available to hide something inside are 2.75 x 5.5 x .75"

This is the Wizard model, but there are also available 9 other standard themed boxes. (Ship, Egypt, Key, Sign Language, Braille, Gun, Cowboy , Money Bag, Cross or Religious). Each will come with a secret word that needs to be spelled on the top for the box to open. Use the standard word we supply, or select your own word from the letters available. You can change it yourself at any time by a simple rearrangement of internal magnets. (instructions come with box).

This box was designed with Escape Rooms in mind, but is also a great personal box. It is durable and has great flexibility in that you can change the combination to open it at any time.

It is also possible to order just an extra top plate. It could be a totally different theme. Thus if you change your room theme down the road, just replace the top plate and you are good to go.

You can also work with us to design artwork for a box specific to your needs. You could have us make a new theme for you by selecting any artwork from our Picture Frame series of puzzles. There are hundreds of artwork images there, nearly all of which are our own design. Or if you have your own vector image we may be able to use that. We can change the picture and the letter around the rim to suit. Note, the characters around the rim could alternately be numbers or even symbols if we have the artwork. Contact us for these custom needs.

Be sure and watch the video for details on the box and to see the top plates for all the available themes.

Designed and made in our Hudson, Florida shop. Copyright 2017 Creative Crafthouse

Level of Difficulty: Level 3