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SKU: Ludo Ludo Game -cover model with pegs avail 2 sizes

Ludo Game -cover model with pegs avail 2 sizes
Purchase Ludo Game -cover model with pegs avail 2 sizes
  • SKU: Ludo Ludo Game -cover model with pegs avail 2 sizes

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Ludo or Aggrevation is a centuries old game of German origin for 2 to 4 people. It is a favorite of youngsters ages 7+ but also an excellent family game as it is fun for all.
This model is great for travel or when space is a premium Comes with base and separate hardwood cover. Pegs and dice can be stored internally.

Below are our playing rules for the game:

Ludo (Aggravation)

CONTENTS: Playboard, 1 dice, 16 counters (4 sets of colors)

OBJECT: Players in turn race each other around the circuit to be first to get all their counters to the home row.

PLAY: Each player picks a set of counters and places them in the starting squares of the same color at the corners of the board. You must throw a 6 before you can move a piece onto the track and it can only move to the first colored circle adjacent to the starting square. Every time you throw a 6 you get another throw. You can move any one counter the number of steps shown on the dice or you can move a counter from the starting square. Counters move in a clockwise direction around the outer black circles. If your counter lands on an opponents counters, it must go back to the starting square. If your counter lands on top of one of your own counters, this forms a block and cannot be passed by an opponent as long as the pieces remain in place.

When a counter goes all the way around the board it can enter the HOME column, which is the center column of the same color as the counter. To complete the course you must throw the exact number to reach the next open circle closest to the center of the board. The winner is the first player to get all 4 counters into the HOME column area.