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SKU: Barricadepremiumpegs Barricade (Malefiz) - premium with pegs

Barricade (Malefiz) - premium with pegs
Purchase Barricade (Malefiz) - premium with pegs
  • SKU: Barricadepremiumpegs Barricade (Malefiz) - premium with pegs

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This is my favorite board game. Combines strategy and luck, but strategy is the most imortant element. Originates from Germany in 1960, called Malefiz designed by Werner Schoppner. For 2 to 4 players; the first person to reach the Goal with any one of his men is the winner! As you make your way through the board you can move white barricade pcs (if you land on one) to any open position, creating blocks or protection for your men. Easy to learn, exciting and addicting. Highly recommended. Game board folds in half and the playing pieces can be stored internally.

This premium version uses wood pegs instead of balls for the playing pcs. It has a bit more stability and the pcs are bit easier to handle.