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SKU: HorseRace Horse Race Game for 2 players

Horse Race Game for 2 players
Purchase Horse Race Game for 2 players
  • SKU: HorseRace Horse Race Game for 2 players

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This is a fun game for 2 players. You are trying to race a horse to the finish line, but along the way some of the holes will "swallow" up your horse and you have to start all over with a new horse. (some of the holes go all the way through and the peg falls into the inner box). The uncertainty of when your horse may fall through the game board and be out of the race makes it a lot of fun. First one to the finish wins! Nicely made and come with a lid cover.

Object: Be the first to get a "horse" peg to the finish line

Rules: Each player selects a color. Players alternate turns rolling the single die. From the starting position move a peg the number of holes as on the dice roll. Note that SOME of the holes in the board have no bottom. A horse that lands here will fall through he board into the box and be out of the game. Player must then start at the beginning with a new horse. Winner is the first person to reach the last hole on an exact roll, or if a player loses all his pegs, the remaining player is the winner.

Alternate play rules: You may enter more than 1 horse of your color on the board. You must make a legal move every roll, and 2 horses cannot occupy the same hole.