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SKU: golfSHOT Golf SHOT Game

Golf SHOT Game
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  • SKU: golfSHOT Golf SHOT Game

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A Golf themed fun and fast paced party, family or gambling game for 3 or more players.  Eventually someone will end up with all the coins and you are never out of the game until the winner is declared.

To start the game you need the three O-S-H-T dice cubes, at least 3 players, and 3 coins (or chips) for each player.
You need to know that a Slice goes to the right, a Hook goes to the left, and in this game the Trap means in the center and out of play.  We sometimes refer to this game as the O-sht game for reasons that will become apparent as you play.

After determining which player goes first, the first player rolls the 3 dice cubes.  The number of S, H,T and O (the golf ball image) dictate where the payers coins go:

- For each "S" pass a coin to the player on the right.
- For each "H" pass a coin to the player on the left
- For each "T" place a coin in the center area and it becomes out of play for the remainder of the game
- The"O" (the golf ball) symbol is the best as you get to keep your coin when this symbol appears.

When a player only has 1 or 2 coins left, he rolls only 1 or 2 cubes respectively.  If a player has no chips, he is still in the game, but must pass the dice cubes to the next player until such time as he has a coin that may have come to him via a Slice or Hook.

For example, If I have 3 or more coins I would roll 3 dice.  If I got a S, an H, and a Golf Ball then I would pass one coin right, one coin left and keep one coin.
If when it came to be my turn again and I still had only one coin, I would rioll just one die.  If I rolled a T, I would have to put that coin in the center and be left broke, BUT the next player could roll an S and have to pass a coin to me!  Back in the game....

At the point where there is only one player with chips, he is the winner and collects the coins in the center. Very fast paced and you really don't know who will win until the very end. Works best for 4 or more players and the more the better really.