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SKU: whichgolf Which is Larger Golf Edition

Which is Larger Golf Edition
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  • SKU: whichgolf Which is Larger Golf Edition

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3 pieces are arranged next to each other. Can you determine which one is larger? It seems pretty easy. BUT, change the order of the pieces.... Is the one you chose still the largest?

It's a mind blowing illusion because although the pieces appear to be quite differently sized, they are actually all the same! Whichever of the pieces is on the right will appear largest. The piece on the left will appear smallest.

You can probably envision the fun you might have messing with your friends and family with this one!

This model has a 9 iron, bag of clubs, and a golfer. 

This puzzle is based on a paper puzzle from the 1930's or 40's that I bought at auction. I had so much fun with it I had to make it.

Made in our Hudson Florida shop.