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SKU: FortFearless Fort Fearless- 9 math & logic puzzles to solve

Fort Fearless- 9 math & logic puzzles to solve
Purchase Fort Fearless- 9 math & logic puzzles to solve
  • SKU: FortFearless Fort Fearless- 9 math & logic puzzles to solve

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The Fable: In the old west, the 78 soldiers manning the parapets at Ft. Fearless were surrounded by 119 Indians. Their only hope was in making the Indians think there were more soldiers in the fort. Major Burns reasoned the Indians might count the men in corner parapets twice as they could be seen from two adjacent sides.

He arranged the men so there were 22 men visible from each side; thus seemingly 88 men. Not enough... he repositioned them such that 23 were visible on each side... still not enough...

Before long he found he could position his men such that from 22 to 30 were visible on each side. When he finally put 30 on each side the Indians thought left as they thought they were outmanned with 120 men in the fort. How did he do each combination of 23 to 30 men per side?

Your goal: Position the blocks numbered 1 thru 12 such that 22 men appear on each side; then reposition them for 23 men on each side, then 24 etc... up to 30 on each side.

This is a puzzle of moderate degree of difficulty; appropriate for ages 10 and up.

Achieving the 22 or the 30 men per side challenge are the easiest to accomplish and may be very appropriate for Escape Rooms. When solved, the 4 numbers in the corners are unique and could be used as part of a clue or combination.

This is an old puzzle, to the best of our knowledge last seen from Peterson Mfg from 1975. We have reproduced this in a particularly nice format . It is an all wood construction with a base and cover. All text and numbers are deeply laser engraved. Playing instructions are also laser engraved on the frame. Measures about 7" square in the frame.

Comes with written solutions for all 9 puzzles.

Made in our Hudson, FL shop.

Level of Difficulty: Level 3