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SKU: CoffeeLoversPuzzle Coffee Lovers Puzzle

Coffee Lovers Puzzle
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  • SKU: CoffeeLoversPuzzle Coffee Lovers Puzzle

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23 precision cut laser engraved hardwood pieces must be inserted into the frame. Quite challenging, best to attempt this with a little caffeine in the system!

Precision laser cut with at least 4 different woods, 1/4" thick. Measures about 7" square in the fame and cover. Cover will fit over inner frame to protect all the pieces for storage or travel.

This puzzle can be customized with a name on the inner frame or longer text on the cover for a small added fee. Could also customize pieces within the puzzle with a company logo or brand of coffee. Contact me if you want something like that.

Comes packaged solved as shown in the picture.

A Creative Crafthouse custom copyrighted design made in our Florida shop with artwork by Lynn Mueller

Level of Difficulty: Level 4