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SKU: BoatKumikiLarge Boat Kumiki Liner large

Boat Kumiki Liner large
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  • SKU: BoatKumikiLarge Boat Kumiki Liner large

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Kumiki puzzles were famous for depicting recognizable things, such as boats, animals, vehicles, etc... All were very clever and many were quite difficult to disassemble due to well hidden locking techniques. This boat will come apart into 15 pieces. Object of course is to get it back together... Moderate degree of difficulty. The size JUMBO is a rare and VERY impressive puzzle, almost too beautiful to take apart. This boat puzzle is exactly the same assembly as the medium, just much larger. It measures 12" long, 6" high, and about 3.25" wide and weighs just over 2 pounds! It is the largest of the boats in the photo.

Level of Difficulty: Level 3