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A friend asked if I could design an attractive, portable, inexpensive and yet very difficult puzzle that may have broad appeal. That's a tall order, but here is what we came up with....

Contained within this small box with flip lid are 8 small wood cards each about 1.8 x .9 x .25". There are 4 different symbols scattered about on the cards. The symbols are nicely laser engraved. The cards will come packed in a pretty little wood box with flip top lid. Your goal is to arrange the cards in a Square configuration such that all touching symbols match.

To make it potentially more interesting we have created some themes for the puzzle symbols. You can choose from:

- Junkfood (burger, fries, hot dog, soda)

- Nerds (brain, pocket protector, eyeglasses, E=MC2)

- Astrology (zodiac symbols)

- Wild West (badge, cowhead bones, cowboy, 6 gun)

- 4 Season (spring, summer, fall, winter)

- Nautical (anchor, whips wheel, propellor, sailboat)

- Well Suited (Clubs, Hearts, Spades, Diamonds)

- Musician (musical symbols and instruments)

The photo with this listing shows the 4 Seasons cards, but the Video below will show each layout.

Please make your choice of model by checking a model button. If you do not make a selection, it will default to 4 Seasons as shown in the listing photo. If ordering more than one you can select the mix you want by leaving a written note at checkout or email me at with your selection mix. We may add more themes over time.

Level of Difficulty: Level 3