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SKU: Woodworkers Woodworkers Challenge Puzzle

Woodworkers Challenge Puzzle
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  • SKU: Woodworkers Woodworkers Challenge Puzzle

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An original and challenging 17 piece puzzle created using at least 5 different types of wood. Woods are precision laser cut and engraved with a high level of detail. Objects in the puzzle would be found in any good wood shop.

Once removed, can you place the pieces back into the frame? This puzzle embodies the spirit of its art form, both in the pictured pieces and the wood media. It is also extremely difficult to solve, particularly if you have never viewed the solution.

Measures 7" x 7" and includes base and laser engraved cover.

Note puzzle comes standard in the solved position, but if you want us to pack in unsolved, let us know with order.

If you'd like to personalize the puzzle with a name or message on the cover or even 1 of the pieces we can do a modest cost. Select that option below if you are interested.

An original Creative Crafthouse design made in our Florida wood shop with artwork by Alexandra Plummner.

Level of Difficulty: Level 4