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SKU: SurgeonsChallenge The Surgeon's Challenge Puzzle

The Surgeon's Challenge Puzzle
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  • SKU: SurgeonsChallenge The Surgeon's Challenge Puzzle

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A beautifully crafted puzzle with 20 pieces with images connected with Surgeons of most disciplines. The goal of the puzzle is to return the pieces to the frame after they are removed. Not as difficult as med school, but may take longer to solveJ. It is difficult...

Look for heart, brain, instruments, monitor, stethoscope, operating room lights, operating table, bones, Surgeon making cut, and more

Each puzzle contains at least 4 different woods 1/4" thick and precision laser engraved and cut. Comes with base cover and measures about 7" square in the cover.

We can personalize this puzzle with a name or brief message on the cover. Select that option below or contact me.

Note that we have a broad range of picture frame puzzles honoring other professions in the medical area.

An original Creative Crafthouse design with artwork by Alexandra Plummer & Anjali Rani. 2020 Creative Crafthouse Made in Hudson, FL, USA

Level of Difficulty: Level 4