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SKU: teaktrayleg Teak Tray Large with Legs

Teak Tray Large with Legs
Purchase Teak Tray Large with Legs
  • SKU: teaktrayleg Teak Tray Large with Legs

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These beautiful teak trays are handcrafted from reclaimed, old-growth teak wood that has been salvaged from branches or roots of trees felled perhaps decades ago. They are oil Finished, and all of the trays have a unique shape; no two are alike.

Great for keys, jewelry, or any other small to medium sized objects you could place or collect in these trays.

It is illegal to farm these old growth trees in Thailand where these originate, so the craftsmen who make these search forests for old cuttings to find material to work with. In some cases the wood is salvaged from old houses and boats. The supply of these is obviously limited.

This is our large size with legs. We have a small, medium, large, and a large with legs as well.