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SKU: TeacherAppreciationPuzzle Teacher Appreciation Puzzle

Teacher Appreciation Puzzle
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  • SKU: TeacherAppreciationPuzzle Teacher Appreciation Puzzle

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Celebrating the teaching profession with a fun, challenging and artistic brain teaser puzzle. 16 pieces when removed must be placed back into the garden frame. Pretty to look at but tough to solve!

Look for items and scenes associated with the classroom. Included are school bus, backpack, books, pencils, alarm clock. Desk. Globe, calculator and more.

At least 5 different woods, 1/4" thick, are used that may include cherry, maple, oak, ash, mahogany, eucalyptus, elm, hickory, walnut or alder. Measures about 7" square in the fame and ash cover. The Little Red Schoolhouse is made from acrylic.

This puzzle can be customized with text on the frame or cover for a small added fee. Typically we will put a name on the inner frame and anything longer can go on the cover.

Contains small parts and is challenging, so not recommended for young children.

A Creative Crafthouse custom copyrighted design made in our Florida shop with original artwork by Anjali Rani

Made in our Hudson Florida shop

Level of Difficulty: Level 4