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SKU: SomaCraftsman Soma - Rubberwood Craftsman Edition

Soma - Rubberwood Craftsman Edition
Purchase Soma - Rubberwood Craftsman Edition
  • SKU: SomaCraftsman Soma - Rubberwood Craftsman Edition

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7 Pcs, all different, will form a cube 240 ways. In addition, there are many other shapes to make each using all of the pcs. Note, this is our new rubberwood craftsman edition. Please checkout the separate listing for various sizes in our standard model.

Our instruction sheets to include 60 3-D shapes that can be made (with solutions), along with recommended websites that are dedicated to this puzzle that will give you many more shapes, plus math theory, history and more.
Invented by Danish mathematician Piet Hein in 1936.

Its our best seller to schools, as the kids really enjoy it, but its also a favorite with seniors as it develops new neural synapses in addition to being very entertaining. It will develop spacial relationship skills in all ages. You start to be able to visualize the relationship of the piece in your hand to the available space in the puzzle in your mind.

Level of Difficulty: Level 2