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SKU: PetChal Pet Challenge Puzzle- Dog or Cat Treat Puzzle in 2 sizes

Pet Challenge Puzzle- Dog or Cat Treat Puzzle in 2 sizes
Purchase Pet Challenge Puzzle- Dog or Cat Treat Puzzle in 2 sizes
  • SKU: PetChal Pet Challenge Puzzle- Dog or Cat Treat Puzzle in 2 sizes

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How smart is your pet? Have some fun with him and give their brain a workout too!

After a number of requests from pet lovers, I decided to tackle the challenge of creating an effective, durable, chew resistant, attractive and cost effective pet puzzle. Note there are 2 sizes available. The default is the smaller size.

There are 3 hiding places within the puzzle that can each contain treats. Each treat is cover by a block. One block must be removed and the 2 slid to find the treats. Select a treat that your pet really likes. To start out, we have found that not incorporating the center rectangular piece and letting the animal learn to slide the 2 other round pieces is most effective. This is not so easy for them, but if you work with them they can learn. When they have mastered this, add the center piece. Now the round pieces will not slide unless the center rectangular piece is removed. Note that it is just too difficult for most animals if you initially start at the hardest level with all 3 pieces. Take it in steps and let them enjoy the process. You can see a video below of Daisy the Yorkie who has mastered this puzzle and she really enjoys it. It took her perhaps an hour over 2 days of practice. Her friend, a Shih Tzu, has not yet been successful.

The puzzle is made from layers of floorboard material. Its heavier, denser and stronger than wood, scratch and slobber resistant and cleans easily. Each layer is glued and pinned and there are 4 layers in the base. It is built like a tank to be resistant to doggie abuse. Unlike wood, it is also a material that generally dogs don't like to chew as it is gritty and tastes bad.

There are 2 sizes of the puzzle available. The size small is designed for small to medium sized dogs and all cats. It measures about 7.5" x 3.5" x 2". The size large is designed for medium to large size dogs. It measures about 10" x 4.5" x 2".

The puzzle can also be personalized with your Pets name or a message that you may want to have laser engraved on the frame. ($4 fee). Please select that option and insert the text you would like.

Designed and made in Hudson, Florida by Dave Janelle.

I encourage you to watch the video to learn more about the puzzle and see if it may be right for your pet.

Level of Difficulty: Level 1