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SKU: PennySoccer Penny Soccer Game

Penny Soccer Game
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  • SKU: PennySoccer Penny Soccer Game

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A few years ago, a retired shop teacher from Tampa came to see me with this game he had been making as a class project for years. It was so popular that he thought that it would make a great product to sell. I loved it, and we are now introducing Penney Soccer in 2 sizes, along with a Hockey version. Note, a portion of the profits from the sale of the Penny Games goes to support the Jerrold Company LLC that was formed to assist handicapped young adults find meaningful accomplishment and positive self worth.

The game measures 20" x 13" and weighs nearly 5 pounds. It is a finely crafted yet substantial and rugged game that should last for years.

The object of the game is to score a goal by flicking the penny into the small hole located at your opponents end.
It is a game that is super easy to play, just flick the penny with your finger. BUT, it is difficult to play this well, and its a game that you can develop great skill at. You must play the angles and work around opponents men (fixed pegs in the board). You must control your speed too, because if hit to hard it may bound back and give your opponent and easy shot.

It is such fun!! We made some prototypes and tested them for a couple months and they were monster hit. In fact, in our neighborhood Thursday evenings had become penny soccer tournament night...

These are top quality items. Hardwood construction and built to last from our shop.
This game is amazing. It will bring all ages and personalities together in a fun and exciting environment.
It is available exclusively from Creative Crafthouse.