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SKU: Paranormal The Paranormal Puzzle

The Paranormal Puzzle
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  • SKU: Paranormal The Paranormal Puzzle

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More Challenging than filming Bigfoot?

24 pieces associated with the Paranormal, Occult, or Mystical are included in this artistic, challenging, and fun puzzle.

At least 5 different quarter-inch thick hardwoods are used.

Each Puzzle will be a little different as we vary the woods used.

Items in the puzzle include a Voodoo doll, crystal, chalice, moth, feather, mushroom, haunted house,

K-II EMF meter, a dowsing rod, alien, spaceship, tombstone, candle, potion, Area 51 sign, Bigfoot, chupacabra, Tarot Cards,

Quija board piece, Bible, Crystal ball, and more.

Can be personalized with a name or brief message for a small added fee.

Made in our Hudson, FL woodshop. Artwork by Anjali Rani.

Copyright 2021 Creative Crafthouse

Level of Difficulty: level 4