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SKU: MathSnake7 Math Snake 7 blocks

Math Snake 7 blocks
Purchase Math Snake 7 blocks
  • SKU: MathSnake7 Math Snake 7 blocks

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I love math puzzles, and with the help of Ken Irvine of NJ, we came up with the Math Snake idea. The idea is to rotate them until there is a correct equation on all 4 sides of the blocks. The equation is read from left to right, regardless of operation priority.

There is a 7 block model (here) and also a more difficult 9 block model offered on a different listing. They are high quality all wood construction with deeply burned laser engraved numbers from our shop in Spring Hill, FL. The blocks stay as a string but will rotate individually. The 7 block model may look easy, but its not really as there are 1024 possible permutations of the blocks, but only ONE correct solution. (Note on the 9 block version there are 16,384 permutations but only 1 correct solution.)

Ken Irvine wrote the program to develop the math layout on the blocks. As it turns out there are a number of possible ways to burn the numbers on the blocks and still have a unique solution. So there are 20+ different models we can offer on each of the 7 block or 9 block models. If you are a school teacher or puzzle enthusiast who wants more than 1 snake with each one being different I can do that for you! Just let me know how many different ones you want.


Level of Difficulty: Level 3