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SKU: MagicPictureCubes Magic Picture Cubes Illusion - Fun Magic trick

Magic Picture Cubes Illusion - Fun Magic trick
Purchase Magic Picture Cubes Illusion - Fun Magic trick
  • SKU: MagicPictureCubes Magic Picture Cubes Illusion - Fun Magic trick

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This is a fun and classic magic trick that can be performed by nearly anyone with just a small amount of practice.

Traditionally this trick would use just one cube and have 6 different colors on the faces. We have modified and improved the impact by providing 3 cubes each with a different theme. The cubes here are solid wood blocks about 1 3/8" across. Each cube has laser different laser engraved pictures on each face.

One cube has Sea Creatures (dolphin, lobster, starfish, goldfish, seahorse, octopus) , another has sports balls (basketball, football, bowling ball, 8-ball, baseball, soccer ball) and the 3rd block has basic shapes (square, circle, star, hexagon, triangle, and heart).

The effect is that the magician turns his back and asks someone to select a cube and then place it in the provided wood box. They are asked to remember the picture on the top before they put the lid on. The Magician still has his back to the box. The magician puts his hands behind his back to receive the closed box. The magician then turns around with the box and quickly identifies which dice was chosen and what picture is on the top. When the top is removed, the magician is correct!

I will provide a link to a private YouTube video with each purchase which will show how the trick is done.

You can also get an idea of the effect by doing a search on YouTube for "Magic Color Cube trick". This is the traditional approach to the trick using a basic plastic cube with 6 different colors. Our 3 wood blocks are both nicer in style and also more mystifying as you have 18 different shapes which could appear vs. a single color cube where there is only 6 possibilities.

Note that it is possible for us to make cubes with a custom theme to fit your event, business, or needs. If interested, please contact me. Dave at 352-346-5953

Made in our Hudson Florida shop.