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SKU: BalloonFanatic Hot Air Balloon Fanatic Puzzle

Hot Air Balloon Fanatic Puzzle
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  • SKU: BalloonFanatic Hot Air Balloon Fanatic Puzzle

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Honoring the majesty that is Hot Air Ballooning.

Can you float all these balloons and related items within the confines of the base.

Challenging and artistic puzzle with at least 5 different 1/4 thick  woods used.

Comes with base and cover.

There is also a second Hot Air Balloon model under a different listing, called " Balloon Enthusiast"

Both can be ordered with custom laser engraving to a a name or short message


Different hardwoods used to make the pieces, and may include Maple, Cherry, Oak, Alder, Birch, Mahogany, Alder, Walnut and others. Each piece is quite strong at 1/4" thick. Each set will be a little different as we will mix the woods. Its quite a beautiful set when assembled. We have had a few people frame them for display on the wall. The puzzle in the frame measures 7.5" square.

This is our own copyrighted (2022) design made at our Florida shop.  Please watch the video for more details.  You will see both models of Balloon Puzzles available.


Level of Difficulty: level 4