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SKU: HoleyMoleyJumbo Holey Moley Puzzle Jumbo 20 inch

Holey Moley Puzzle Jumbo 20 inch
Purchase Holey Moley Puzzle Jumbo 20 inch
  • SKU: HoleyMoleyJumbo Holey Moley Puzzle Jumbo 20 inch

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Made with Escape Rooms needs in mind, this is a jumbo sized version of our Holey Moley 10 pin puzzle.

The goal is to arrange the pins such that they are all the same height when inserted into the base. The challenge lies in that all the pieces are different lengths, each hole is a different depth, and you have the angle of the base to deal with also. One of the problems is that you don't know what height to shoot for. If that height is known then the puzzle would be pretty straight forward, but of course that is not known until you can deduce or perhaps stumble upon it.

A fun and artistic puzzle that is joy to play. It is not intimidating so everyone will try it, but you soon find out the solution may not be as easy as you first thought! Yet, it is achievable by most people.

Escape Rooms may want to provide some hints or perhaps set one at the correct height which would make it solvable in a few minutes.

The base is made of precision cut floorboard material. It is super strong, scratch resistant and even washable. The playing pieces are cut from MDF core maple and is quite strong. This puzzle should hold up well to the rigors of a tough environment.

It measures about 20" x 7" on the base . It will come packaged unsolved, but a written solution is included.

There are some standard options you can select with regards to the playing pieces. Please let me know which you prefer when you order. If you do not provide a note on your choice, I will ship the pin shaped option shown in the photo.

They can be:

- pin shaped and numbered

- paddle (or candle) shaped and numbered

- paddle (or candle) shaped with symbols (mailbox, bell, flower, smiley face, scissors, plane, hourglass, flag, clock, snowflake)

There is no extra fee for selecting one of the above 3 options. I could also do custom artwork with symbols to match your needs. Contact me on that as there would be a modest fee depending on what you want.

We can also custom laser engrave the base to say what you want, or just leave it blank.

Made in our Hudson, Florida shop. Copyright Creative Crafthouse

Level of Difficulty: Level 2