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SKU: Decision-Maker-For-Moms Decision Maker - For Moms

Decision Maker - For Moms
Purchase Decision Maker - For Moms
  • SKU: Decision-Maker-For-Moms Decision Maker - For Moms

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Stuck looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift? Why not give the gift that keeps on giving? All Mom needs to do is (or better yet have you) give a flick to the pendulum and see what happens. Maybe you get a hug, maybe you all go shopping. Worst case scenario a little housework gets done.

The effect is acheived via magnets. There is one in the base of the pendulum and one located under each option. Check out the video below for a visual demonstratrion.

The text is deeply laser engraved in attractive rubberwood. This ensures the text will never wash or get rubbed off throughout the years of use.