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SKU: ChessCBK Chess Moves CBK Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle

Chess Moves CBK Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle
Purchase Chess Moves CBK Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle
  • SKU: ChessCBK Chess Moves CBK Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle

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Challenging fun for both chess and non chess players.  Handcrafted wood frame with
cover and laser engraved wood pieces.

Each puzzle comes with 4 Castles- C;  4 Bishops- B;  and 4 Knights- K
There is a playing board with starting positions for each piece lasered into the base.

From the starting positions lasered into the base of the board, use standard chess moves to position the pieces such that each symbol occupies one full row.  That is, all the knights on one row, all the Castles on another row, and all the Bishops on a row.   There are 6 challenges defined by the row order of the Knights, Bishops, and Castles.    Can you solve them all?  

Two are fairly easy.  Two are moderately difficult and two and are quite difficult so there is something for everyone here.  You do not need to be a chess player to try to solve this puzzle, you simply need to know the direction that each of the 3 pieces can move.   If you are not familiar, we define in the instructions.

This handcrafted wood set measures approx 7.5" square with base and with wood cover.  The pieces are 1.5" square and easy to manipulate.  This is a particularly addictive puzzle that we hope you will enjoy.  

Made in USA 2023 Creative Crafthouse
Design by Sherzod Khaydarbekov,
from Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Level of Difficulty: Level 4