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SKU: BasketballFanatic Basketball Fanatic Basketball

Basketball Fanatic Basketball
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  • SKU: BasketballFanatic Basketball Fanatic Basketball

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Custom designed and made to Celebrate the artistry and challenge of this great game.

22 pieces associated with basketball are laser cut and etched in the frame. When removed, your goal is to place them back onto the playing field (the frame). This puzzle is particularly challenging, I think the toughest of our sports edition puzzles.

All hardwoods 1/4" thick with at least 5 woods in each puzzle that may include maple, walnut, mahogany, cherry, elm, eucalyptus, oak, ash or hickory.

Frame and ash cover are about 7.5" square.

As an option we can laser engrave a name on the inner frame or a longer message on the outer frame ($4)

Original artwork by Anjali Rani

©2020 Creative Crafthouse Made in USA

Level of Difficulty: Level 4