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SKU: AnesthesiologistPuzzle Anesthesiologist Puzzle

Anesthesiologist Puzzle
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  • SKU: AnesthesiologistPuzzle Anesthesiologist Puzzle

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This will definitely not put you to sleep... Very challenging, you will need all your wits to solve and place all the equipment and scenes back into the frame.
There are 18 pieces depicting equipment and scenes familiar to the Anesthesiologist. The instruction sheet below identifies each element of the puzzle and it includes Anesthesia Machine, Masimo Rad 5 Oximeter, Endotracheal Tube, LMA, Intubation Endoscope, Fiber Optic Laryngoscope blade, Tuohy Epidural needle, Propofol syringe, fiberoptic bronchoscope, and some scenes of the doctor at work.

All pieces are laser cut and engraved from 1/4" hardwoods. Each puzzle will have at least 5 different woods used. Comes with base cover and measures about 7" square in the cover.

We can personalize this puzzle with a name or brief message on the cover. Select that option below or contact me.
Note that we have a broad range of picture frame puzzles honoring other professions in the medical area.

An original Creative Crafthouse design with artwork by Anjali Rani 2020 Creative Crafthouse Made in Hudson, FL, USA

Level of Difficulty: Level 4