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SKU: Alquerque Alquerque ( or Quirkat ) wood game with cover

Alquerque ( or Quirkat ) wood game with cover
Purchase Alquerque ( or Quirkat ) wood game with cover
  • SKU: Alquerque Alquerque ( or Quirkat ) wood game with cover

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Alquerque, also known as Quirkat, is thought to be of Arabic origin and migrated to Europe with the invasion of the Moors into Spain. It is believed to be the parent game of Draughts or Checkers. Rules are listed below.

Made in our shop, this set is all hardwood construction measuring about 5.5" sq x 1.1" deep. Comes with solid wood cover. Very unusual and interesting item.

One player must play white and the other red or blue. Place them in the board as shown.
The game is played in turns
A piece can move forward, to the side or to a diagonal point as long as that point is empty. Pieces cannot move backwards.
A piece can jump over an opposing piece and remove it from the game, if that opposing piece is adjacent and the point beyond it is empty
Multiple capturing jumps are permitted, and indeed compulsory if possible
If a capture is possible it must be made, or else the piece is immediately forfeited. If more than 1 capture is possible, no pcs are forfeited as long as one capture is made.

The goal of the game is to eliminate the opponent's piece or force the opponent into a position where he cannot move..
Suggested game variants:
A piece cannot move backward (e.g., a piece in the middle of an empty board would have five available moves)