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SKU: AlphabetSoupWordPuzzle Alphabet Soup word puzzle

Alphabet Soup word puzzle
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  • SKU: AlphabetSoupWordPuzzle Alphabet Soup word puzzle

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Arrange the blocks in a row such that each side shows a four letter word reading left to right. These are common words that you will recognize . No proper names are allowed.

This puzzle is a little more difficult that you may first imagine as we throw you a curve that you will need to discover in order to solve the puzzle. I won't give it away here, but the solution will be provided with the puzzle.

The hardwood blocks are about 1 3/8" cubes with the letter deeply laser engraved into the surface. The cubes come packed with wood box and laser engraved cover.

Our own design and build 2020 Creative Crafthouse made in our Florida shop.

Note, we can make custom versions of this puzzle where you can define the 4 words to be used. You can contact me for info or I will post a separate listing for this. There will be a reasonable cost adder for the custom work.

Level of Difficulty: Level 4