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SKU: 2022Puzzle 2022 Puzzle MMXXII

2022 Puzzle MMXXII
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  • SKU: 2022Puzzle 2022 Puzzle MMXXII

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Most people are hoping 2022 is better than 2021.  Here's your chance to make 2022 shine!

MMXXII is 2022 in Roman numerals.

Can you get all 5 pieces in the frame such that only the letters MMXXII are showing?

The pieces will fit into the frame in more than one way, but only the correct solution will show 2022.

A fun desk or coffee table puzzle of moderate difficulty.

Pieces are 1/4" thick flooring material.  Puzzle measures 6" square

A copyrighted design by George Sicherman; made in our Hudson Florida shop with his permission