difficult puzzles for adults

  1. Dragon Burr - Puzzle of the Week

    Dragon Burr Puzzle of the Week

    For this week's featured puzzle I have selected the Dragon Burr. Simply put, this puzzle is HARD. For those of you not familiar with the burr style of brain teasers they are quite unique and even the easier puzzles of this category can prove to be quite a challenge. They notched stick puzzle pieces almost always form a symmetrical figure. The most common of which is represented in the Dragon Burr; however, other styles such as the Wine Barrell, Diamond Cube, and

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  2. Calibron 12 - Puzzle of the Week

    Calibron 12 Puzzle of The Week Feature

    This week's puzzle feature is on the Calibron 12. Out of all of our different brain teasers I rank the Calibron 12 in the top 5 in terms of difficulty. With that being said it is a wonderful puzzle because the concept is so simple. All you need to do is fit each of the 12 pieces in the available space. It is the type of brainteaser anyone can try, but very few will actually solve without assistance from the instructions.

    The puzzle also has a pretty interesting:

    Originally designed in 1933 by Theodore Edison, son of the famous inventor Thomas Edison, and made by his company Calibron Products of West Orange, N.J.   It was offered as just pieces and you were told they made a rectangle and there was only 1 solution.  

    A friend of my Dad actually performed a computer analysis on the puzzle to verify this. It turns out the only possible solution is a square shape, as verified by Ken Irvine's computer analysis. Ken is working on a full analysis of the puzzle, with ex

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  3. Christmas Puzzle And Game Guide For Adults

    Christmas Puzzle And Game Guide For Adults

    What do you buy your Mom, Dad, Grandma, or Grandpa for Christmas? What about an Uncle, Aunt, Teacher, or Neighbor? It can be hard finding an affordable gift that will not just end up in a junk drawer or forgetten about in a couple weeks. Finding the best present can be a puzzle in and of itself! Social games and difficult puzzles are a surefire way to get a genuine thank you for a present they may not have expected. For the brainiac in the family go with one of our hardest puzzles or perhaps a game to play with the family events or social gatherings will be better. What about a puzzle for their desktop or coffee table? Either way Creative Crafthouse has you covered. See below for our Holiday Season picks in this Christmas Gift Guide.

    Hardest Puzzles

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