Cyber Monday 2019 Deals on Puzzles Games and Toys

10% OFF special discount on every brainteaser, puzzle box, family game, puzzle and toy! Get a head start on your Christmas shopping this year or maybe even pick up a gift for yourself during our Black Friday through Cyber Monday sale this year at Creative Crafthouse. Our entire selection of wood puzzles, brain teasers, toys and games will be discounted 10% starting on Black Friday 11/29/19 and extending through Cyber Monday 12/2/19. You can browse our Full Catalog or read on for brain teasers selections for toddlers, teenagers, and adults. If you have questions or would like help picking out the perfect puzzle as a gift please do not hesitate to Contact Us. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

Puzzles are amazing for a multitude of reasons. They engage the mind, provide hours of entertainment, help develope brain function (and maintain it), not to mention brain teasers appeal to all ages.

For younger children / toddlers we have puzzles which can increase dexterity such as:

The Shapeshifter Puzzles

shapeshifter creativity and dexterity puzzle for kids

Or perhaps something which increase spacial awareness abilities for a child:

The Soma Cube

soma cube wood puzzle brain teaser

These are just two options. We also have games which help with learning addition, subrtraction, and multiplaction such as the Shut Box series.

For teenagers we have hundreds of different brain teasers to choose from. Some of which deviate from you traditional puzzle which have dubbed "Math Magic" others which fit more of your traditional puzzle mold like the Outback Puzzle or Cruiser.

My favorite Math Magic Puzzle is the Mind Reader Cards which is an extremely easy to performand equally effective magic trick where you guess the person's number correct everytime!:

math magic trick which is easy to perform

Another favorite is the Safecracker 40 Math Brain Teaser

Black Friday Sale on Math puzzle and brain teaser

While our harder puzzles are certainly focused more toward adults teenagers experienced with puzzles often enjoy experiencing the higher level of difficulty.

The Calibron 12 which is one of our hardest puzzles.

one of the hardest puzzle brainteasers ever

And our other hardest puzzle, the Ramube Octahedron Puzzle