7 Things To Do When You Are Stuck At Home

A lot of us are going to be spending much more time inside our homes over the next few weeks due to the Caronavirus (Covid-19). With sporting events, concerts, schools, restaurants, and more closing down finding entertainment will be more difficult than normal. Fortunately, being stuck at home does not have to equal being bored. I have put together a list of 7 things to keep you from going stir crazy and keep you entertained.

1.) Take a trip into VR. This one is not as practical as it requires specific (often expensive) equipment. However, more affordable Virtual Reality options are available. Through VR you can visit virtually (see what I did there) and spot in the world. Stop by and visit the pyramids or the Eiffel tower without having to leave your living room. You can also attend virtual concerts and events. While it isn't quite the same as being there in person it is pretty damn cool to be "onstage" during a concent.

2.) Catch up on shows and binge some new ones. I'll list a few on the various platforms which I suggest checking out. Some of these are decidedly not PG so take a look before pushing play with the family.

Netflix Hulu Disney Plus Amazon
Breaking Bad The Runaways Frozen II The Tick
Better Call Saul Dave The Mandalorian The Boys
Castlevania Brooklyn 99 Moana Undone
The Good Place Vikings Clone Wars Hanna
Broadchurch American Horror Story Beauty and the Beast Goliath
Altered Carbon They Come Knocking Thor: Ragnorak Good Omens

3.) Puzzles! Ok, so I may be a bit biased on this one, but they really are a fantastic way to spend your time. You can work on them by yourself or enlist the aid of your family/roomates. Some of our puzzles such as the Calibron 12, Ramube Octohedron, and King Snake will take a long time to solve. If you are looking for ones a bit easier try The Cruiser, Around the Barn, or Soma Cube to name a few. Brain teasers are a wonderful way to keep your mind engaged and stimulated.

4.) Clean! I know, I know. This one is not exactly fun, but what better time to finally do that deep clean you have been putting off? Cleaning will also give you a sense of accomplishment, not to mention a clean space usually leads to a better head space.

5.) Learn a new skill. Youtube has a plethora of DiY, tutorial, and instructional videos available for free. 

6.) Read a Book. Dust off the bookshelf and revisit a classic or get lost in something new.

7.) Play a board game with your family / roomates. You can go with a classic such as Monopoly (which comes in a whole bunch of fun themes now), Rummikub, or Scrabble. Or try something new like Shut the Box or Penny Drop.