5 Gift Ideas for Puzzle, Game, and Brain Teaser Lovers

Puzzles and games are one of the best gifts you can give a friend or family member. A quality brain teaser will keep a loved one engaged and thinking as they work toward the solution. The best brainteasers will keep you thinking about how it was solved long after the answer has been discovered. Games (such as Penny Drop) with simple rules, but long lasting fun are not exactly something you come across everyday. Below is a mixed selection of just such puzzles and games.

1. Calibron 12 Puzzle

calibron 12 difficult puzzle for adults

Looking for one of the hardest puzzles out there? Need to give a gift this Holiday season? The Calibron 12 brain teaser is just what you are looking for. The puzzle consist of 12 pieces which must all fit in the frame, filling the available space. A simple enough concept, but incredibly difficult in execution. Also, an interesting bit of history regarding this wood puzzle:

Originally designed in 1933 by Theodore Edison, son of the famous inventor Thomas Edison, and made by his company Calibron Products of West Orange, N.J. It was offered as just pieces and you were told they made a rectangle and there was only 1 solution.

2. Penny Drop Game
penny drop family game

Penny Drop is simply a fun game. The rules set is easy enough for younger children to understand (around 4 year old kids and up) which makes it an ideal game for the family to play over the Holidays. 

how to play the game penny drop

3. Soma Cube Brain Teaser

Soma cube wood puzzle brain teaser

The are 240 unique solutions to the Soma Cube Puzzle. Pretty crazy for a wooden puzzle consisting of only 7 pieces isn't it? Even better the pieces are sort of like "puzzle legos." This is especially appealing for younger children. Not only does the puzzle teach spatial awareness and logic thinking, but it encourages creativity. You can create a dinosaur, couch, pyramid, and so much more with the Soma Cube. You can view some creative solutions for the soma cube here.

4. Secret Stash Puzzle Box

secret stash box wood puzzle box

Also known as the "Spin Box", this wood puzzle box has long been one of our most popular. It employs an extremely clever trick in order to unlock the box which is in no way obvious. I don't want to ruin the surprise for you, but will give you a hint: There is something to be said for a nickname.

5. Safecracker 50 Math Puzzle - Premium Editionsafecracker 50 wooden math logic puzzle

A damn good looking math puzzle if I say so myself. It also happens to be one of the best. In order to solve this brainteaser you must align each of the wheels so that all 16 columns align at the same time. With over 65,000 possible permutations finding the correct 1 (and there is only 1) will prove a challenge even for seasoned puzzlers.