Picking them up by the Tail

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Picking them up by the Tail

An in depth look at Snake puzzles

by Chris Combs • February 08, 2021

Have you ever tried picking a snake by the tail? No, just me. Well, fortunately we have snakes you can pick up that wonít bite. I've played with a ton of snakes since I started working here.

Pick this up instead

If you havenít played with a snake puzzle, then I recommend the 3x3x3 Medium Snake puzzle. Itís a fun puzzle that can provide a bit of a challenge if you havenít seen the solution before. To start you just pull the puzzle apart and try to form it back together as a 3x3x3 cube. It sounds easy, but it can provide a surprising challenge. It gets even better as you become better at solving it. Eventually you can even solve it behind your back like me. I recommend using this trick to mess with friends that can solve it. Thereís nothing wrong with showing off from time to time. The difficulty scales if you're interested in something with more challenge that I canít solve behind my back. Meet the 4x4x4 King Snake! 

The most challenging of Snakes!

As if the other one wasnít difficult enough, we decided to add an additional sixteen cubes. To be honest, pulling this snake apart may be a bad idea, especially if you lost the instructions for it. All of these snakes come in different sizes too, just like real snakes. The 3x3x3 comes in small, medium (my favorite), and large. These snake puzzles come in two toned dark and light brown, almost golden.

Pick the size you like!

The 4x4x4 comes in medium, large, and extra large. Beautifully crafted from wood and beveled to provide a smooth feel. Both the 3x3x3 and 4x4x4 also have their own distinct colors.
 As for the 4x4x4 snake, it also comes in two-tone except itís white and black. Iím sure these puzzles will keep your friends busy as they try to solve them. If you can solve the 4x4x4 snake behind your back, let me know.

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