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Circle Packing Puzzles

An introduction to circle packing puzzles that we offer.

by Ray • November 17, 2020

In the geometric branch of mathematics, circle packing is a method of placing equally or variously sized circles in a surface (such as another circle or a square), without overlapping. Think about all the times you’ve attempted to fit various sized objects in a cardboard box when moving or storing things and how difficult it is to fit everything perfectly to utilize the most of said box. This field of geometry seeks to find the most optimized packing density and how circles specifically fit into given spaces.

An example of various circle sizes placed within other circles, i.e. circle packing

In circle packing problems, such as some of our puzzles, the circles will only fit into the surface in one way. With Circle Pack 13, you could even make a game out of the problem and attempt to get as many of the circles into the square as possible, thereby earning you points related to the sum of the numbers on each circle you were able to place.

Our Circle Pack 13 puzzle comes with a nice frame to keep everything together.

Our 10 Penny Puzzle gives you the goal of placing the pennies in what is the smallest possible space the given amount can fit. This is a fun, faster paced puzzle than Circle Pack 13, and great for coffee tables or even offices. Puzzles like this are a great way to get your brain working on something other than daily tasks. Once solved, it makes a great item to show a friend or family member and see if they can solve it as well.

The 10 penny puzzle, great fun and looks easier than it is.

If the 10 penny wasn’t challenging enough, then we also provide the Penny Packer 16. This puzzle requires you to fit all the pennies into a quadrant and will provide you with more difficulty due to the number of units as well as the larger, curved opening.

The Penny Packer 16; similar in concept but more challenging than the 10 Penny.

We won't just stop there either. The Dime Dilemma offers more of a challenge even and carries with it a ten cent challenge that is completing the puzzle within five minutes. We assume few people will be up to this challenge, but you earned that dime if you can.

The 10 cent challenge in all its glory.

Circle packing is not the only mathematical category of puzzles we offer, so be sure to check our catalog for anything that might pique your interest. Stay tuned as well for more circle packers to come, or maybe even origami? 

Example of an origami diagram that utilizes circle packing for spacing the folds.

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