Puzzle of the Week

  1. Game of the Week - Penny Hockey

    Penny Hockey Indoor Board Game

    We are switching up the puzzle of the week for one of my all time favorite skill games, Penny Hockey. It an extremely fun hybrid of Bumper Pool  and Paper Football in a sense. The objective of the game is quite simple: be the first to score 5 goals. The puck is a penny and the stick is your finger. As in bumper pool there are multiple bumpers (posts) which serve as players on the ice. They can either assist or hamper you depending upon your skill level and how you choose to utilize them. The penny (or puck) is moved across the gameboard (ice) much like you would a paper football, by flicking it with your finger.

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  2. Puzzle of the Week - Surgeon's Challenge

    Puzzle Gift Idea for Surgeons

    This week our featured puzzle just happens to also be our newest: The Surgeon's Challenge. This wood brain teaser is a wonderful way to say thank you to your doctor or have on display in an office. We can personalize the puzzle with a laser engraved name or message as well to add a special touch.

    The puzzle itself contains 20 precision cut laser engraved wood pieces connected multiple disicplines such as a heart, brain, instruments, monitor, stethoscope, operating room lights, operating table, bones, Surgeon making cut, and more. The goal of the puzzle is to return the pieces to the frame after they are removed.  Not as difficult as med school, but may take longer to solve.   It is a difficult puzzle.

    Each puzzle contains at least 4 different woods 1/4” thick and precision laser engraved and cut.  Comes with base cover and measures about 7” square in the cover.

    An original Creative Crafthouse design with artwork by Alexandra Plummer & Anjali Rani.  © 2020 Cr

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  3. Puzzle of the Week - The Whirli-Gig

    Puzzle of the week the whirli gig childrens toy

    Ok, so this one isn't so much of a puzzle as it is more of classic children's toy. The Whirli-Gig, also known as the Whirli-Gear, button spinners, among other names has been around for thousands of years. To get a better idea of just how long they have been around take a look at this excerpt from Wikipedia:

    "The origin of whirligigs is unknown. Both farmers and sailors use weather vanes on an ongoing basis and the assumption is one or both groups are likely the originators. By 400 BC the bamboo-copter or dragon butterfly, a helicopter-like ro

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  4. The Beautiful Belle Puzzle Box - Puzzle of the Week

    Puzzle of the Week - Belle Wood Puzzle Box

    The Beautiful Belle Puzzle Boxes show off the impressive capabilities of our laser machines with absolutely stunning laser engraved artwork. The lid and each of the four sides have different thematic images of our Belle. These boxes are a premium version of our popular Hurricane Puzzle Box. As such the locking/unlocking mechanism functions the same way. You just have to give it a spin if you know what I mean.

    There are four different stained maple versions of this puzzle box available: Red

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  5. Dragon Burr - Puzzle of the Week

    Dragon Burr Puzzle of the Week

    For this week's featured puzzle I have selected the Dragon Burr. Simply put, this puzzle is HARD. For those of you not familiar with the burr style of brain teasers they are quite unique and even the easier puzzles of this category can prove to be quite a challenge. They notched stick puzzle pieces almost always form a symmetrical figure. The most common of which is represented in the Dragon Burr; however, other styles such as the Wine Barrell, Diamond Cube, and

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  6. Dinosaur Dilemma 2 - Puzzle of the Week

    Dinosaur Dilemma 2 Laser Cut Wood Brain Teaser - Puzzle of the Week

    I just love the way this puzzle looks. Our in house designer at the time, Lexi Plummer, really outdid herself while designing this dinosaur themed brain teaser. The laser cut wood pieces consist of: Ankylosaurus, Velociraptor, Coryhosaurus, Brontosaurus, Triceratops,  Paraaurlophus, bones, skulls, ammonite, and more for a total of 19 in all. As you can tell by looking at the image below each dinosaur has been meticulously designed and precision cut on our laser machines. If you or someone you know loves dinosaurs this will make a wonderful gift. You can even have a name engraved on the frame or short message on the cover. Be warned though, this is not an easy puzzle!

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  7. Calibron 12 - Puzzle of the Week

    Calibron 12 Puzzle of The Week Feature

    This week's puzzle feature is on the Calibron 12. Out of all of our different brain teasers I rank the Calibron 12 in the top 5 in terms of difficulty. With that being said it is a wonderful puzzle because the concept is so simple. All you need to do is fit each of the 12 pieces in the available space. It is the type of brainteaser anyone can try, but very few will actually solve without assistance from the instructions.

    The puzzle also has a pretty interesting:

    Originally designed in 1933 by Theodore Edison, son of the famous inventor Thomas Edison, and made by his company Calibron Products of West Orange, N.J.   It was offered as just pieces and you were told they made a rectangle and there was only 1 solution.  

    A friend of my Dad actually performed a computer analysis on the puzzle to verify this. It turns out the only possible solution is a square shape, as verified by Ken Irvine's computer analysis. Ken is working on a full analysis of the puzzle, with ex

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  8. Safecracker 40 - Puzzle Of The Week

    Featured Puzzle of the Week Safecracker 40 Math Brain Teaser

    One of my personal favorite math puzzles is the Safecracker 40. The brain teaser is based on a 1911 design and available once again in laser engraved alder wood. This is an ideal intermediate level of difficulty puzzle recommended for ages 12 and up.

    The idea of the puzzle is simple, just line up each of the 16 columns so that when added together each one equals 40. Sounds easy right? Well, not so fast! There are over 7,000 different possible configurations with only one providing the correct solution. This is not just a brute force style of puzzle, however. You will be able to logically work towards the solution by identifying the relationship of the numbers on each ring. Check out the video below for e full breakdown on how the Safecracker works by Creative Crafthouse Owner and Founder Dave Janelle.

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