Wholesale Information

Thank you for your interest in establishing a wholesale relationship. We are a small family business looking for long term relationships.  We will work closely with you to help with selections and long term support.  We can provide laser engraved POP signs for each puzzle as well as felt lined display pads which are great for holding pieces of puzzles that you open for samples.  In some cases, such as Snake Cube or Soma Cube or Golf and others, sales will increase tenfold by opening a sample.

Our general wholesale customer is a small owner-run gift or game or gallery type shop, but we also have some museums, college bookstores, and individual entrepreneurs who market at Farmer’s Markets or special events.  Our puzzles and games are so unique and so broadly accepted across ages and demographics that you can have as astounding sucess, particularly if you invest a little time to understand the appeal of each puzzle.   Note that on our website that we provide videos on each puzzle.  They are great tools for not only making your buying decisions, but also in providing information on how to sell the puzzle. 

Our capcity is limited so at busy times we may close off new accounts to make sure we can service existing accounts fully.   We also try to protect immediate selling areas of our exisitng wholessale customers.

Please contact me directly if you would like more information.

Dave Janelle DJ51[email protected] 352-346-5953 Hudson, Florida