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SKU: HeathsDiceExp Heaths Deciphering Dice- Expanded to 8 dice

Heaths Deciphering Dice- Expanded to 8 dice
Purchase Heaths Deciphering Dice- Expanded to 8 dice
  • SKU: HeathsDiceExp Heaths Deciphering Dice- Expanded to 8 dice

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EXPANDED Version with 8 Dice

In 1927 Royal V. Heath performed a magic effect called "The Di-Ciphering Trick" based on a math trick developed by Edmund Balducci. It consisted of 5 dice cubes bearing a different 3 digit number on each face- 30 numbers in all. A spectator would roll the dice and the magician would quickly announce the sum of all the numbers. Quite amazing given that there are over 7700 different combination of numbers that could show on the 5 cubes.
This set expands that concept to include 8 Dice. Each Dice is made from 7/8" hardwood with the numbers deeply laser engraved into the wood. The math was developed by Stephen Bradd of Clinton, IL and the set is unique to Creative Crafthouse.
The trick is accomplished by adding the last digit in each number, then subtracting the total from 80. The result you get is the first 2 digits of the grand total. The last 2 digits of the grand total are the sum of the last digits which you initially determined. Thus, if we assume that adding the last digits gives a sum of 48, subtracting 48 from 80 results in 32. Thus the final answer is 3248.
There are 53 possible sum results for the 8 Dice, with the lowest being 1862 and the highest 7010.. Each additional possibility adds 99 to the previous. Thus the possible sums of the dice are 1862, 1961, 2060, 2159, ... 6812, 6911, 7010.
This information can be used to a magical effect that goes beyond finding the sum quickly. For example
Effect: Produce the 8 dice and let someone shake and roll them. Line them up in a row and turning your back ask the person to add the numbers to get a total. Ask him how many figures are in the total. He replies there are four, and you tell him to look at the first 2 and the last 2. Now hand him a book and ask him to open it to the page represented by the higher of the two numbers. Then, taking the other number, he counts to that word on the page and remembers it. You take out a pocket notebook , write something down on a page, tear it out, crumple it and hand it to another person. The word is now disclosed and when the paper is opened your written divination is found to be correct.
Preparation and Routine: The use of the dice makes the test appear very fair. There is never a thought that in the moment of putting the dice in line, or in instructing the spectator what to do, you have learned the total. The opinion that they have is that there can be hundreds of variations.
As a matter of fact, there are only 53 different grand totals possible. Going further, if one separates the four figure totals in half (into 2 sets of 2 digits), using them as large and small 2 figure numbers for page and word, then there are only 31 possible words that can be selected. Thus, on the inside cover of your notebook, you have the list of 31 words (from the book you intend to use) followed by the 31 larger larger figures possible in all the totals. Its an easy manner to steal a glance at the prepared list as you open your notebook to jot down your written word. The combinations are as follows:
Page Word Page Word Page Word Page Word Page Word Page Word Page Word
70 10 65 15 60 20 55 25 50 30 45 35 40 40
69 11 64 16 59 21 54 26 49 31 44 36
68 12 63 17 58 22 53 27 48 32 43 37
67 13 62 18 57 23 52 28 47 33 42 38
66 14 61 19 56 24 51 29 46 34 41 39