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  1. Benefits of Adding Puzzles to Your Homeschool Curriculum

    Benefits of Adding Puzzles to Your Homeschool Curriculum

    Why you should consider adding puzzles and brain teasers to your homeschool curriculum.

    Introducing puzzles to children at a young age can have longstanding benefits to children. If you are currently or plan on homeschooling your child(ren) in the future consider introducing brain teasers to your homeschool classroom. Not only will they assist in a multitude of developmental facets, but they will do so in a way kids find fun. The benefits of puzzles are threefold: Mental, Physical, and Emotional.

    Let's start with the mental benefits of brainteasers.

    1.) Cognitive - In order to solve a puzzle you must first understand the goal. Is it a jigsaw p

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  2. Christmas Puzzle, Toy, and Game Gift Ideas for Kids Age 4-1 2

    Christmas Puzzle Gift Guide for Children 12 and Under

    One of the best attributes of puzzles is that they appeal to all ages. Even a toddler can find a puzzle or toy they can enjoy which will provide mental stimulation, entertainment, and life long benefits. As they grow older and learn more difficult and different styles of brain teasers can be introduced. Another wonderful aspect of wood puzzles is that they can last a life time. A child can keep their brainteasers as keepsakes or mementos as they grow older and find new ways to enjoy them

    Ages 4-8

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