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  1. 7 Things To Do When You Are Stuck At Home

    7 Things To Do When You Are Stuck At Home

    A lot of us are going to be spending much more time inside our homes over the next few weeks due to the Caronavirus (Covid-19). With sporting events, concerts, schools, restaurants, and more closing down finding entertainment will be more difficult than normal. Fortunately, being stuck at home does not have to equal being bored. I have put together a list of 7 things to keep you from going stir crazy and keep you entertained.

    1.) Take a trip into VR. This one is not as practical as it requires specific (often expensive) equipment. However, more affordable Virtual Reality options are available. Through VR you can visit virtually (see what I did there) and spot in the world. Stop by and visit the pyramids or the Eiffel tower without having to leave your living room. Y

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  2. Best White Elephant Gift Ideas Under 20 Dollars

    Best White Elephant Gift Ideas Under 20 Dollars for Puzzles

    The search for the best White Elephant gift and staying under 20 dollars is no easy task. Instead of a joke, funny, or prank gift why not try something they will actually enjoy and keep like a puzzle? We have a fantastic selection of puzzles, brain teasers, magic tricks, and 3d puzzles that will be at the top of everyone's White Elephant list when selection the best gift. Below is a hand picked selection sure to impressive the office, your friends, coworkers, or family at this year's White Elephant party. You can also browse our entire selection of puzzles between $10 - $20.00.

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