Impossible Small Square No Fit Puzzle Rick Lax FB

Up this week we have a puzzle featured by Rick Lax on his Facebook channel which he referred to ass The Impossible Small Square No Fit Puzzle. We affectionately refer to it as simply the No Fit Puzzle and is available for purchase right here at Creative Crafthouse. 

The No Fit is a particularly clever puzzle. You can actually make two different squares depending upon if you use 5 or 6 pieces. Figuring out how to create the square with 5 pieces is not that tough of a challenge. The real fun is discovering how best to utilize the small amount of available space which will allow you to integrate the smaller square into the larger one. This is one of the puzzles which really turns in to a conversation starter if left on the coffee table or common area. The idea that you can rearrange the pieces and fit another one in always catches peoples attention.