Christmas Puzzle Gift Guide for Children 12 and Under

One of the best attributes of puzzles is that they appeal to all ages. Even a toddler can find a puzzle or toy they can enjoy which will provide mental stimulation, entertainment, and life long benefits. As they grow older and learn more difficult and different styles of brain teasers can be introduced. Another wonderful aspect of wood puzzles is that they can last a life time. A child can keep their brainteasers as keepsakes or mementos as they grow older and find new ways to enjoy them

Ages 4-8

great family game to play during the holidays shut the box

Shut the Box 1-9

dizzy marbles wood maze easier maze for younger kids

Dizzy Marbles

Soma Cube wood puzzle 240 different solutions

Soma Cube Premium

Ghost Tower A great Puzzle for Younger Kids Age 4+

The Ghost Tower

Math Challenge 1 - 9 Wood Puzzle Learn Addition Division and Multiplication

Math Challenge 1-9

Woodie Man Fun Classic Toy for Kids and Toddlers

Woodie Man

The Creature Box - Funny Prank Bug Box

The Creature Box

Walking Turtle a Fun Children's Wood Toy

The Walking Turtle Toy

Ages 8-12

No Fit Wood Puzzle and Brain Teaser - Great Starting Puzzle

No Fit Puzzle

Magic Box Wood Puzzle Box - Will Hold Money and Gift Cards

Magic Puzzle Box

Puzzle Pro 6 Gift Set - Three Different Puzzles

3 Puzzle Gift Set

Around the Barn Edge Matching Wood Logic Puzzle

Around the Barn

Cruiser 4 Piece Brain Teaser Dissection Puzzle

The Cruiser Puzzle

Dinosaur Dilemma

Sea Creatures Puzzle

Hexagon 10 Wood Brain Teaser Puzzle Great Gift for Kids

Hexagon 10 Puzzle