Christmas and Teachers Day Gift Ideas Puzzles and Games for the Classroom

Teachers spend their day helping kids learn and prepare for life. They deserve appreciation, but how do you show it? Whether it is a gift for Teacher's Day or the Holidays a personalized puzzle for the classroom or their home will surely bring a smile to their face. Just about all of our brain teasers will fit perfectly in the classroom. We also have games which assist with learning that can help your teacher teach math and develop social skills. Below is a list of a few puzzles, brain teasers, and games which make the best gifts for your favorite teacher.

Great Gift Idea For Teachers Christmas Teachers Day

Teacher's Grade Decider

Teachers Day Appreciation Gift Idea for Christmas

Teachers Day Puzzle

Penny Soccer Board Game

Penny Soccer Game

Shut the Box Math Game For Teachers Classroom

Shut the Box 1-9

Safecracker 50 Wood Puzzle Math Brain Teaser

Premium Safecracker 50

Word Wheel Puzzle Brainteaser Scrabble

Word Wheel Puzzle

Tower of Hanoi Classic Wood Logic Puzzle

Tower of Hanoi

Three Puzzle Gift Set For Teachers

3 Puzzle Gift Set